April 2016 – WoodFest!

It’s that time of year again! WoodFest – an annual event held at the Cascade Middle School showcases the works of high school woodworkers, woodworking craftspeople, and organizations such as NCWA and the Northwest Washington Woodturners.

This event – in conjunction with the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival – will happen April 2nd and 3rd, 2016.

This year – as in many years past – NCWA as a club, and as individual members – have been strong supporters of the annual WoodFest event. And this year is no exception. Anyone with a passion for woodworking needs to attend. And if you are new to NCWA and/or woodworking, you really owe it to yourself to go (and support) this special woodworking event. Your attendance has many benefits:

To you personally, what you see will generate more motivation and new ideas
To the high school students who dared to adventure into woodworking, you being there gives them encouragement and inspiration to continue working and experimenting with wood
To the public, it shows that you are an active supporter of the woodworking hobby or profession
To the area artists, your attendance shows that woodworking is a true artistic endeavor
To NCWA, it shows that you actively care and support our association’s efforts and continuance
To NCWA Programs & Shows Committee, it shows us that our many hours of effort are worth it
To NCWA Memberships Committee, your at-event encouragement for people to join NCWA

WHAT: WoodFest 2016
WHEN: April 2nd from 9 am to 4 pm April 3rd from 10 am to 3 pm
WHERE: Cascade Middle School 905 McGarigle Road, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284
WHO: High school woodworkers, woodworking organizations, woodworking retailers
PURPOSE: Showcase to the public the creations and efforts of the local woodworking community
COST: Free

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: NCWA membership extends beyond attending monthly meetings and woodworking classes. Show your support … see eye-catching woodworking examples… learn from demonstrations… admire and encourage young people who are just starting to work with wood!

March 2016 Meeting – Woodworking Tips & Tricks

Have you ever experienced the “Good grief, I didn’t know that!” moment, or the “I wish I’d known that a year ago”, moment when you read – or when someone shows you – a tip that would have saved you time, money, stress, and/or mistakes! Then this is a “must attend” monthly meeting presentation. Jim Bucknell is busily collecting as many tips as possible (and will present them) – from his own experiences as well as from other woodworkers – and will share these tips and tricks with you. Undoubtedly, each member has discovered a tip or trick that should be shared with other members, to help them be more efficient, or to avoid the “trial and error” syndrome. Pass on your tips/tricks to early enough that he can see how he might fit them into this presentation.


February 2016 Meeting – Mining the Internet for Woodworking Gold

This will be a connected-to-the-Internet presentation on how a woodworker can do searches to find valuable information – including instructional videos and information – such as on your own equipment (manuals, parts, suppliers, reviews), how-tos, suppliers, and a multitude of other invaluable information.

As part of the presentation, there will also be advice on the ‘safety’ of searches (computer viruses, and ways to avoid them).

This will be in part an open questions format, so come prepared to ask questions that you’ve been dying to get sources for answers – we’ll do live Internet searches to as many questions asked as time permits

January 2016 Meeting – Cool Tools, Jigs, and Gadgets

As motivated woodworkers, who of you just had to have that ‘essential’ new tool, made a handy shop jig over the past year, or discovered a new woodworker’s handy gadget? Well, now is the time to take 1 to 5 minutes at January’s members meeting to show the rest of us what you spent your hard earned money on or got for Christmas.

We’ve done this kind of meeting almost every year in the past, and there are always new tools, jigs & gadgets to see – anything that you think might be useful to other woodworkers! We like to see them all. If you bring one of your jigs, please bring a few copies of the plan that you used to make it.

Remember – this is ‘participative’ – your opportunity to share your own ‘woodworking valuables’ with your other woodworking members.

If you want to ‘show & tell’, contact Richard Gillingham (206-909-6660 or ) as soon as possible to add you to the ‘presenters’ list.

December 2015 Meeting – Christmas Dinner

The program for our Dec 1 meeting will be our annual Christmas Dinner at Hillcrest Lodge. All members are invited to bring a guest for what is always a good time. We’ll again have a raffle to benefit Toys 4 Tots and we’ve got some great raffle items. Raffle items include tools, wood, gift certificates and some nice things for the spouses in attendance who aren’t woodworkers.

The evening will also feature our 2×4 Woodworking Challenge and presentation of the club’s annual Spirit Award.

Our evening will begin at 6:00 with a social hour that will give everyone a chance to view the raffle items and buy tickets. We’ll follow with a potluck dinner that begins at 7:00 with the club providing the main course (ham and rolls). All members are asked to bring a side-dish, salad or dessert. If you are unable to bring an item for the potluck, please still come to the dinner. We’ll have a donation bucket for Toys 4 Tots if you want to put in a few dollars as your contribution to the evening.

As a help to those preparing dinner we ask that all members and guests enter through the main entrance on the west side of Hillcrest Lodge. Your potluck items and 2×4 projects will be taken care of at the main door and you’ll be able to pick up a name tag for you and your guest. The sidewalk leading to the main entrance is off the west side of the parking lot about 75 feet south of the lodge.
We look forward to seeing all of you there.