October 2023 Virtual Meeting – Seth Rolland

Tuesday, October 3rd, 7:00pm

Seth Rolland has been building fine furniture in his Port Townsend workshop since 1990 and his
work is on display in nationally recognized galleries in Toronto, New York, Mendocino, and
Bellevue, to name just a few. To learn more about his style and motivation, check out his website at https://sethrolland.com/

Seth’s presentation at our October meeting will be on the use of coopering in furniture making.
Coopering is a method of joining wood at an angle other than 90 degrees and can be used to
make curves, cylinders, cones, spirals and other forms from straight or curved pieces. Seth will
explain the geometry required to make a cylinder, a parabolic curve and a cone, and also discuss
how to vary those to make a spiral. He’ll show you the tablesaw jigs he uses to cut the joints, and
some clamping strategies for assembly as well. Mark this in your calendar as DO NOT MISS!