Library books and videos may be checked out by NCWA members. A selection of the library holdings will be brought to the monthly meetings. Members can check out items by filling out the sign out / in book at the meeting. The check out period is for two months. Members can renew a borrowed item as long as other members are not waiting for that item.

The club’s annual budget provides a modest amount to add new materials to the library. If you have a suggestion for an addition to the library, or if you wish to reserve a book / DVD, please contact our librarian . Other suggestions regarding the library are also welcome. Our goal is to provide a resource that is widely used and easily accessible by NCWA members.

Library activity by year:

201092 items
2011104 items
2012181 items
2013193 items
2014186 items
2015235 items
2016296 items
2017240 items
2018263 items


01 – Hand Tools

01-101HandscrapersChristopher Schwarz
01-102Coarse, Medium FineChristopher Schwarz
01-104Building Furniture With HandplanesChristopher Schwarz
01-105Sawing FundamentalsChristopher Schwarz
01-106Drawknives, Spokeshaves and TravishersBrian Boggs
01-108Rough and ReadyRob Cosman
01-109Hand Planing and SharpeningRob Cosman
01-110Build a SawbenchChristopher Schwarz
01-111Mastering Hand ToolsChristopher Schwarz
01-112Super-Tune a HandplaneChristopher Schwarz
01-116HandtoolsFrank Klausz
01-118Choosing, Refurbishing and Using Moulding PlanesBill Anderson
01-120Using the Versatile ChiselJeff Miller
01-121Using/Sharpening Essential Woodworking Hand ToolsPaul Sellers
01-122Furniture Making, Five TopicsDavid Charlesworth

02 – Power Tools

02-201Introduction to Woodworking MachinesCraig Ruegsegger
02-203The Versatile RouterPat Warner
02-204Router Jigs and TechniquesBernie Maas
02-205Mastering Your Table SawKelly Mehler
02-1026Essential Band Saw TechniquesGeorge Vondriska
02-1037Table Saw TechniquesWoodworker’s Journal
02-1040Essential Hand-Held Router TechniqueWoodworker’s Journal

03 – Finishing

03-303Hand Applied FinishesJeff Jewitt
03-319Wood FinishingMichael Dresdner
03-321Wood FinishingFrank Klausz
03-353French Polishing for GuitarmakersRonald Fernandez
03-1008Spray Finishing Made SimpleJeff Jewitt
03-1027Finishing Essentials ‐ SprayingWoodworker’s Journal
03-1035Controlling Color With SuccessWoodworker’s Journal

04 – Cabinetry

04-301Dovetail a DrawerFranz Klausz
04-304Make Simple Face-Frame CabinetsKevin Boyle
04-305Doors and Drawers Made EasyJeff Mertz
04-306Building DrawersAndy Rae
04-325Building DoorsAndy Rae
04-327Basic Cabinetmaking with Pocket ScrewsMark Duginske
04-332Six Board ChestChristopher Schwarz
04-362Build a Shaker Lap Desk with Chris BecksvoortChris Becksvoort
04-1036Advanced Techniques – Jewelry AmoireWoodworker’s Journal

05 – Woodturning

05-313Turning for FurnitureErnie Conover
05-324The New Turning WoodRichard Raffan
05-355Turning a Traditional Irish PlatterGlenn Lucas
05-356Turning a Dublin Viking BowlGlenn Lucas
05-1039Lathe Turning EssentialsWoodworker’s Journal

06 – Carving & Sculpting

06-113Carving Techniques and ProjectsBush/Headley
06-347Woodcarving BasicsNick Arnul
06-361Carving the Traditional GreenmanMary May

07 – General Woodworking

07-107Fundamentals of Inlay: Stringing, Line and BerrySteve Latta
07-307Pick and Prep Lumber for Better ProjectsJeff Mertz
07-308Guide to Perfect Glue-upsJim Heavy
07-312Complete Guide to Getting Started in WoodworkingWood Magazine
07-314Essential Woodworking TechniquesWoodworkers Guild of America
07-342Marquetry, Veneer and Inlay for Furniture MakersRob Millard
07-344Build a Greene & Greene Rafter Tail TableDarrell Peart
07-34810 Essential Furniture RepairsJoshua Klein
07-349200 Woodworking Video Tips & TechniquesAAW
07-354Classical & Flamenco GuitarmakingRonald Fernandez
07-358Essential Wood Glue TechniquesWoodworkers Guild of America
07-359Weekend Projects for Your Shop and HomeWoodworkers Guild of America
07-1000Sharpening Woodworking ToolsLeonard Lee
07-1038Weekend Projects For Your Shop & HomeWoodworker’s Journal

08 – Series & Archives

08-320Popular Woodworking 2007 ArchivesPopular Woodworking
08-322Archives 2000-2007Popular Woodworking
08-335Woodsmith Shop TV Series 3AAW
08-336Woodsmith Shop TV Series 4AAW
08-337Woodsmith Shop TV Series 5AAW
08-338Woodsmith Shop TV Series 6AAW
08-340Woodsmith Shop TV Series 8AAW
08-350Fine Woodworking Magazine Archive 1975-2013Fine Woodworking
08-351Woodsmith Magazine ArchiveAAW
08-352ShopNotes Magazine ArchiveAAW
08-360The Woodwright’s Shop Travels with Roy in AmericaPopular Woodworking
08-1029Great Shop Tips – Tricks of the Trade – Volume 1Woodworkers Guild of America
08-1030Great Shop Tips – Tricks of the Trade – Volume 2Woodworkers Guild of America
08-1031Great Shop Tips – Tricks of the Trade – Volume 3Woodworkers Guild of America
08-1032Great Shop Tips – Tricks of the Trade – Volume 4Woodworkers Guild of America
08-1033Great Shop Tips – Tricks of the Trade – Volume 5Woodworkers Guild of America
08-1034Great Shop Tips – Tricks of the Trade – Volume 7Woodworkers Guild of America

09 – Joinery

09-114Advanced Hand-Cut DovetailsRob Cosman
09-202Router JoineryGary Rogowski
09-3099 Essential Woodworking JointsCraig Ruegsegger

10 – Shop Related

10-31012 Great Tablesaw JigsJim Heavy
10-317Making Jigs and FixturesFine Woodworking
10-323Great Shop Tips – Vol 5Woodworker’s Journal
10-1025Deluxe Router StationNew Yankee Workshop
10-1028Jigs, Fixtures & Shop‐Made HelpersGeorge Vondriska


51 – NCWA

51-985NCWA Strategic Plan #1NCWA
51-986NCWA Strategic Plan #3NCWA
51-987NCWA Strategic Plan #4NCWA

54 – Box Making

54-403Traditional Box ProjectsStrother Purdy
54-404Wooden BoxesDennis Zongker
54-405Beautiful BoxesDoug Stowe
54-406400 Wood BoxesKevin Boyle
54-407Box Builder’s HandbookA.J. Hamler
54-409Beautiful Boxes with Your BandsawLois Ventura
54-410The Ultimate Bandsaw Box BookDonna Menke
54-412Box by BoxJim Stack
54-413Build 25 Beautiful BoxesDoug Stowe
54-414Box Builder’s HandbookA.J. Hamler
54-540Treasure ChestsLon Schleining
54-1020The Art Of Making Elegant Jewelry Boxes: Design & TechniquesTony Lydgate

55 – Cabinetry

55-427Building Doors & DrawersAndy Rae
55-430Designing and Building CabinetsFine Woodworking
55-432Kitchen Cabinets Made SimpleGregory Paolini
55-435Building Small CabinetsDoug Stowe
55-436Cabinet Doors and DrawersDanny Proulx
55-1019Wooden Clock CasesDavid Bryant

56 – Carving & Sculpting

56-478Power Carving Manual: Tools, Techniques and 16 ProjectsMichael Dresdner
56-479The Complete Book of WoodcarvingEverett Ellenwood
56-480Woodcarver’s Guide to Sharpening, Tools and Setting Up ShopMichael Dresdner
56-482Basic Wood CarvingPam Gresham
56-483Chip CarvingMichael Dresdner
56-484Chip Carver’s WorkbookDennis Moor
56-485Starter Guide to WhittlingMichael Dresdner
56-487Whittling HandbookPeter Benson
56-494Carving Faces WorkbookMichael Dresdner
56-495Relief Carving WorkshopLora Irish
56-496Sculpting Traditional BowlsRip Mann
56-497The Woodcarver’s DozenCelina Muire
56-498Carve – Guide to WhittlingMelanie Abrantes
56-499Carving the Acanthus LeafMary May

57 – Finishing

57-502Spray Finishing Made SimpleJeff Jewitt
57-504Understanding Wood FinishingBob Flexner
57-505Great Wood FinishesJeff Jewitt
57-506Refinishing Furniture Made SimpleJeff Jewitt
57-507Complete Guide to Wood FinishesMick Allen
57-508The Art of Coloring WoodBrian Miller
57-510Finishing WoodFine Woodworking
57-511Spray FinishingFine Woodworking
57-512Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to FinishingJeff Jewitt
57-1014Top‐Notch Finishig ‐ Tips, Tricks, Techniques & ProjectsWoodsmith
57-1017Finishing & Refinishing FurnitureFine Woodworking
57-1023Brightwork: The Art of Finishing WoodRebecca Whittman

58 – Furniture (Design & Stylized)

58-529Greene and Greene Design ElementsDarrell Peart
58-536In the Greene & Greene StyleDarrell Peart
58-537Studio FurnitureJeffery Oschsner
58-538Campaign FurnitureChristopher Schwarz
58-541With Wakened HandsJames Krenov
58-963Design Book 4Fine Woodworking
58-1002Great book of Shop Drawings For Craftsman FurnitureRobert Lang
58-1007By Hand and EyeWalker & Tolpin
58-1018American Period FurnitureSociety of American Period Furniture Makers

59 – Jigs & Fixtures

59-576Ingenious Jigs & Shop AccessoriesScott Grove
59-579Woodshop Jigs & FixturesAnthony Guidice
59-582Quick and Easy Jigs and FixturesKerry Pierce
59-58350 Shop-Made Jigs & FixturesDanny Proulx

60 – Kids & Toys

60-626Builder BoardsJack McKee
60-631Crafting Wood Logic PuzzlesCharlie Self
60-632Constructing Wooden ToysBierman, Pinkus & Naiman
60-1011Wooden Toys and CraftsTime Life

61 – Scroll Sawing

61-655Scroll Saw WorkbookJohn Nelson
61-656Creative Wooden Boxes from the Scroll SawCarole Rothman
61-657Wooden Bowls From the Scroll SawCarole Rothman

62 – Sharpening

62-675Complete Guide to SharpeningLeonard Lee
62-676How to Sharpen Every Blade in Your WorkshopDon Geary
62-677The Perfect Edge – The Ultimate Guide to SharpeningRon Hock

63 – Shop Related

63-705Setting Up Shop (Copy 1)Sandor Nagyszalanczy
63-706Setting Up Shop (Copy 2)Sandor Nagyszalanczy
63-717The Workbench Design BookChristopher Schwarz
63-718Best WorkshopsFine Woodworking
63-722Home Workshop StorageJim Harrold
63-724Great Book of Woodworking TipsJeff Mertz
63-725Workbenches and Shop StorageJeff Mertz
63-727Woodshop Storage SolutionsRalph Laughton
63-728How to Build a Great Home WorkshopWood Magazine
63-7292 Second LeanPaul Akers

64 – Tools: Hand

64-753Choosing and Using Hand ToolsAndy Rae
64-756Making and Mastering Wood PlanesDavic Finck
64-757The New Traditional Woodworker (Copy 1)Jim Tolpin
64-764Handsaw EssentialsChristopher Schwarz
64-766Unplugged Workshop – Hand Crafted Projects for the Home WorkshopTom Fidgen
64-769Working With Hand PlanesFine Woodworking
64-770Hand Tool EssentialsPopular Woodworking
64-771Working Wood 1 & 2Paul Sellers
64-1013Art of Fine ToolsSandor Nagyszalanczy
64-1022Planecraft: A Woodworker’s HandbookJohn Sainsbury

65 – Tools: Power

65-801Care and Repair of Shop MachinesJohn White
65-809Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to RoutersLonnie Bird
65-810Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to TablesawsPaul Anthony
65-812Ultimate Guide to the Router TableBill Hylton
65-813The Bandsaw BookLonnie Bird
65-814Table Saw MagicJim Tolpin
65-815Working with TablesawFine Woodworking

66 – Turning

66-861The Frugal WoodturnerErnie Conover
66-862Fixtures and Chucks for WoodturningClarence Green
66-863Turning Techniques and ProjectsFine Woodworking
66-864Segmented Bowls for the Beginning TurnerDon Jovag
66-866Contemporary WoodturningNick Arnul
66-868Woodturning MagicDavid Springett
66-871Getting Started in WoodturningJim Stack
66-872Woodturning Projects & TechniquesAlan Lacer
66-874The Pen Turner’s BibleRichard Kleinhenz
66-875Turning WoodRichard Raffan
66-876Turned BoxesRichard Kleinhenz
66-878The Essential WoodturnerTim Snyder
66-1009Pen Turning, A Foundation CourseChristensen and Burningham

67 – Wood & Lumber

67-901Harvesting Urban TimberSam Sherrill
67-907Wood Identification and UseTerry Porter
67-908WoodEric Meier
67-909The Essential Wood BookTim Snyder
67-1003Understanding WoodR. Bruce Hoedley
67-1012Encyclopedia of WoodTime Life

68 – General Woodworking

68-879Make Your Own Walking SticksCharlie Self
68-938Measure Twice, Cut OnceNorm Abram
68-941Shaping WoodLonnie Bird
68-945Woodbending Made SimpleLon Schleining
68-952Working With WoodAndy Rae
68-961Making Screw Threads in WoodFred Holder
68-965Great Book of WoodburningLora Irish
68-967Good Clean FunNick Offerman
68-970Build Stuff With WoodAsa Christiana
68-977Woodworking 101 for WomenMarilyn MacEwen
68-981The Why and How of WoodworkingMike Perkovich
68-1010Weekend WoodworkingWoodsmith
68-1016Complete Manual of Wood BendingLon Schleining
68-1021The Toolbox Book: A Craftsman’s Guide to Tool Chests, Cabinets, and Storage SystemsJim Tolpin

70 – Marinecraft

70-1005Building Small BoatsGreg Rossel
70-1024Building Classic Small CraftJohn Gardner

71 – Plans

71-990ArmoireWoodsmith PLANS
71-991Miniature Bench Project PlanSteve Latta
71-992Kentucky Sugar ChestWoodsmith PLANS
71-993Craftsman-Style Bride’s ChestWoodsmith PLANS
71-994SawhorsesFine Woodworking
71-996BookrackFine Woodworking
71-997Full-Size Spray BoothTaunton Press
71-998Tall Shaker CupboardFine Woodworking

72 ‐ Inlay, Marquetry & Veneering

72-926The Art of InlayLarry Robinson
72-942Vacuum Pressing Made SimpleDarryl Keil
72-943Veneering & InlayJonathan Benson
72-953The Fine Art of MarquetryCraig Vandall Stevens
72-959Decorative Wood InlayZachary Taylor
72-974Basic Marquetry and BeyondKen Horner
72-975Hardwood Edging and Inlay for Curved TablesScott Grove
72-1006The Craft of Veneering: A Complete Guide from Basic to AdvancedCraig Thibodeau

73 ‐ Philosophy, History & Biography

73-543The Furniture of Sam MaloofJeremy Adamson
73-957Civil War Woodworking Vol 1A.J. Hamler
73-958Civil War Woodworking Vol 2A.J. Hamler
73-972Handmade-Creative Focus in Age of DistractionGary Rogowski
73-1004A Splintered History of WoodSpike Carlson

76 – Carpentry & Construction

76-929Building a ShedJoseph Truini
76-930Building Doors and GatesAlan Lacer
76-933Doormaking: A Do-It-Yourself GuideJohn Birchard
76-979The Genius of Japanese CarpentryAzby Brown

77 – Joinery

77-811Power Tool JoineryBill Hylton
77-969The Pocket Hole Jig Project BookDanny Proulx
77-973JoineryFine Woodworking