Education Responsible for the continued design, implementation and monitoring of educational classes. It will maintain a system to inform members of upcoming classes and to facilitate sign-up.

Membership Responsible for the recruiting and retention of new NCWA members. It will coordinate with the club Treasurer to maintain an accurate club roster. Additionally it will maintain the vendor discount program.

Shows Arranges and implements all public shows and events for the NCWA and make recommendations to the Board as to which events the club should participate in.

Programs Responsible for producing the club’s monthly general meeting program. Arranges speakers and off-site meeting locations as necessary. Coordinates with Webmaster and Newsletter Editor to publish upcoming programs.

Shop Tours Arranges Shop Tours during the year to give members the opportunity to visit other shops to see shop organization, innovative ideas and examples of craftsmanship.

Toys For Tots Responsible for coordinating the various toy-building groups in the club. Coordinates with the Shows Committee to promote Toys For Tots at the different shows during the year. Procures wood for toy projects and distributes to groups/individuals working on toys.

Library Maintains the club’s library and purchases new items to keep library current. Sets library up at all possible monthly general meetings. Manages the club’s magazine recycling program, member donations and sale of discontinued books and DVDs.