About Us


The Northwest Corner Woodworkers Association was formed to promote high standards in woodworking craftsmanship and education, and to showcase the work of local woodworkers.


  • President: George Knutson
  • Vice-President: Jim Bucknell
  • Secretary: Tim Wynn
  • Treasurer: Al Ashley

Committee Chairs

  • Education: Greg Koenker
  • Librarian: Bill Pierce
  • Membership: Gary Danilson
  • Newsletter: Jane Wynn
  • Programs: Bill Rawls
  • Shop Tours: Jim Redding
  • Shows: David Vandette
  • Toys for Tots: John Braun
  • Webmaster: Michael Titus

Board Members-At-Large

  • Phil Humphries
  • Phil Choquette
  • Kent Crouse
  • Sascha Vandette