September 2015 Meeting – Introducing Kids To Woodworking

NCWA member Jack McKee has done a lot of volunteer work and much of that has involved working with kids, teaching them woodworking and other hands on tasks. In the process, he has developed an amazing ability to get kids interested in making things. He has designed and built equipment used in children’s museums, schools and preschools that promote early development and get kids interested in working with their hands. He has written two books, Woodshop For Kids and Builder Boards. At our last two woodworking shows this year, Jack set up his custom kid’s workbench and had plenty of young customers working on various interesting projects. His presentation for our September 1st meeting will include projects that he has built for kids and talk about his approach to woodworking with kids age 4 to 12. Check out Jack’s website:

August 2015 Annual Picnic

On Saturday, August 8, we’ll gather at Val and Laura Matthews place from 1-5 PM for the annual picnic and tool auction. Our traditional combined Northwest Corner Woodworkers Association (NCWA) and Northwest Washington Woodturners (NWWWT) event takes the place of our normal monthly meeting. Val and Laura have ample parking and space for this, and all you have to do is show up with a side dish (salad, desert or whatever), something cool to drink, and a lawn chair or two. Normally, we eat about 3 PM and close the bidding for the auction at about 4-4:30 PM. Burgers, hotdogs, brats, fixings, soft drinks, water, paper plates, plastic ware and napkins are provided. This year, the Turners are cooking!


The annual silent auction is an excellent opportunity to sell tools, wood or just about anything related to your shop! The rules are pretty simple. The seller displays the item for sale with a sales sheet listing the item, a short description of the item condition (e.g. new, works good, needs repair, etc), seller’s name, minimum acceptable bid if the seller wishes to state one. Anyone interested in the item simply enters a bid and their name. Anyone else interested in the same item enters a higher bid on the next line. Normally, bids should advance by at least 10% over the previous bid. Check back often to see if you are still the highest bidder. When the cutoff time is announced, the highest bidder wins the item provided their bid exceeds the stated minimum bid. The bidder then pays the seller, so don’t forget to bring money or your checkbook! You never know what might show up for sale!

Jeff Miller Presentation, August 22 In Anacortes

Jeff Miller, author of Foundations of Better Woodworking, will be teaching at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking the week of August 24th, and has accepted our invitation to do a special session for NCWA. It will be at the Anacortes Yacht Club on Saturday, August 22, at 10 am. Jeff plans to discuss how he built a curvy table (featured in the Dec 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking) and also do demonstrations of techniques featured in his Foundations book. After the presentation, Jeff will be available to autograph any of his books that you may own. To help cover Jeff’s speaking fee, there will be a $10 charge for admission to this presentation, but well worth it! PLEASE RSVP TO JERRY COUCHMAN if you plan to attend. or (360)255-1984. To learn more about Jeff, see his web site:

July 2015 Meeting – Contrasting Woods

Bring your best work using contrasting woods to our July 7th meeting at the Hillcrest Lodge. This meeting will focus on member projects that use contrasting woods to enhance the piece. It could be a nice box or anything you have built that you would like to bring that demonstrates contrast. Contrast is a design element that can be subtle or bold. Remember, this is not a competition, just a fun bring and brag session with a theme. Take Garrett Hack’s advice: “Using different woods, grain and color to add contrast is a great way to make your furniture stand out from the crowd. The trick is to do it effectively, understanding what type of contrast to use and where to use it. Overdo it and the effect will be garish; do it right, and you will take your work to another level.”

June 2015 Meeting – Introduction to Hand Tools

Do you use hand tools in your shop? Do you wish you had more skill at using hand tools? Our June presentation might help you decide if you want to combine hand tool work with your machines. Many successful woodworkers have found that using hand tools along with power can actually save time and increase the quality of their work. Sharp, well-tuned hand tools are a joy to use and you don’t need ear protection! You might be surprised how easy it is to develop the skills to make good use of these tools. Jerry Couchman will discuss planes and show some operations that many power tools can’t do. Andrew Peller will focus on card scrappers for smoothing surfaces without all that dusty sanding and also give an overview on using scratch stocks for cutting interesting profiles and inlay grooves. David Shull will be our hand saw expert for the night. After each discussion and demonstration there will be an opportunity for members to try their hand at using the tools.