October 2016 Meeting – John Miller

The October speaker is John Miller, an owner and manager of Cascade Joinery, in Ferndale, WA. He has spent his entire career in construction and cabinet making, working first in cabinet shops and later in 3 timber frame companies. John helped start Dreaming Creek Timber Frame Homes in 1991, where he spurred its growth from creating timber frames with portable power tools to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. John came to Cascade Joinery in 2006, where he is able to work in the field as well as the office for clients up and down the west coast, including Alaska and Hawaii. John has been active in national organizations, such as the Timber Framer’s Guild and Timber Frame Business Council, including terms as President of both.

John will be speaking about Cascade Joinery and the process of timber framing. He will cover the materials used and how they are prepared. He will talk about using hand, power tools, and (CNC) Machines to cut large scale joinery and will also cover the process of timber frame projects from shop drawings to installation. The talk will wind up with a slide show of completed projects. If you’re interested in the beautiful art of timber framing or how to create joinery measured in inches, rather than eighths, this is the program for you.

Learn more about Cascade Joinery at www.cascadejoinery.com

August 2016 Annual Picnic

On Saturday, August 13th, Val and Laura Matthews will host the annual picnic and tool auction from 1-4pm.

Our traditional combined Northwest Corner Woodworkers Association (NCWA) and Northwest Washington Woodturners (NWWWT) event takes the place of our normal monthly meeting. There is lots of room for parking. Bring tools you want to auction, and bid on something you find that you can’t live without. All you have to do is show up with a side dish (salad, desert or whatever), something cool to drink, and a lawn chair or two. Burgers, hotdogs, brats, fixings, soft drinks, water, paper plates, plastic ware and napkins are provided. Details on the auction process and entry form are in this newsletter. Serving will begin earlier this year, as last year the wait time was too long. Expect to eat about 2 PM. This year, the Woodworkers are cooking!

The annual silent auction is an excellent opportunity to sell tools, wood, or just about anything related to your shop! The rules are pretty simple. The seller displays the item for sale with a sales sheet listing the item, a short description of the item condition (e.g. new, works good, needs repair, etc), seller’s name, minimum acceptable bid if the seller wishes to state one. Anyone interested in the item simply enters a bid and their name. Anyone else interested in the same item enters a higher bid on the next line. Normally, bids should advance by at least 10% over the previous bid. Check back often to see if you are still the highest bidder. When the cutoff time is announced, the highest bidder wins the item provided their bid exceeds the stated minimum bid. The bidder then pays the seller, so don’t forget to bring money or your checkbook! You never know what might show up for sale!

July 2016 Meeting – Brian Paulson of Daly’s

Tuesday, July 5th at 7PM. If you have ever heard of or used Benite, Seafin, Profin, bleach for wood, gel stain, spar varnish or teak oil you know of Daly’s. Brian Paulson from Daly’s Wood Finishing Products is our July presenter. If you have questions about any type of finish for any type of wood, Brian has answers. He has been with the company many years and has great depth of knowledge and experience. Brian likes a challenge, so bring your toughest questions and we’ll see how it goes!

June 2016 Meeting – Live Edge Panels by Jerry Couchman

The June program presented by member Jerry Couchman will show how to laminate thin live-edge material on background panels to create interesting contrast and depth to the final panel. Jerry has used this technique for several years as a design element on some of his boxes and small cabinets. It combines several woodworking skills and requires both power and hand tools to complete. With the right shape of the live-edge you can create mountain scenes and whimsical book-matched patterns. During some of his box classes, Jerry was often asked to someday teach a special class on this subject. This presentation will include pictures of the process and actual demonstration of some of the steps involved.

May 2016 Meeting – Tom Dolese, Professional Woodworker and Teacher

Our club is fortunate to have Tom as a member! Since 2010, Tom has been inspiring many of us to get out of our comfort zone and learn more about woodworking. Tom and his talented wife, Jennifer, have been working as professional woodworkers for many years and have shared what they have learned through the many classes they offer. Their work has been featured in Fine Woodworking and is available in the Northwest Woodworkers Gallery among others. Tom’s presentation will feature some of their recent work, what kind of classes they offer and finish with an interesting demonstration on one of his woodworking tips. For more on Tom and Jennifer’s work, see their website: www.terrafirmadesignnw.com