June 2017 Meeting – Restoring Old Power Tools

June’s presenter will be Phil Kezele.

Have you ever been offered somebody’s old woodworking machine from an estate of a friend or loved one or just saw something on Craigslist that reminded you of your high school shop class? Are you on a budget and can’t afford to buy the latest and greatest shop equipment? If that’s you, you may be interested in old woodworking machines or ‘old arn’ as I prefer to call them. Learn a little bit of what some might call a voyage of discovery by using old woodworking machines in your woodworking. What you won’t get is factory support, dust collection, riving knife or flesh sensing technology but you will get is history, style, design, cast iron—and lots of it. Come join me for a night when we will look at machines of old still used today.

May 2017 Meeting – Bamboo Fly Rods

On May 2nd Tom Fulk and Tim Whittman will show us some of the tricks needed to make fly fishing rods from bamboo. The precision necessary to join six pieces of wood into a tiny rod tip 1/16” in diameter is daunting. Each piece is tapered as well!

Also, we will have NCWA hats for sale — $15 each (cash or check).

April 2017 Meeting – Adirondack Chairs

The April meeting is at the Burlington Library!

What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than to build that icon of American furniture – the Adirondack Chair. While the construction is simple, the design opportunities are many. Jerry Couchman and Andrew Pellar will share their design processes to help you make your own. We will explore how to find design ideas and put them on paper. Learn how prototyping can guide the design process. Translate that information into Templates. Templates will be discussed in detail. And what kind of project couldn’t be helped by a jig or two?

March 2017 Meeting – Cool Tools, Jigs, and Gadgets

Who among us has made a handy shop jig over the past year or discovered a new woodworker’s handy gadget? Well, now is the time to take 1 to 5 minutes to show the rest of us what you spent your hard earned money on (or, even better, made). We’ve done this kind of meeting almost every year in the past, and there are always new tools, jigs & gadgets to see – anything that you think might be useful to other woodworkers! We like to see them all. If you bring one of your jigs, please bring a few copies of the plan that you used to make it. Remember – this is ‘participative’ – your opportunity to share your own ‘woodworking valuables’ with your other woodworking members.

Drop Dave Strauss a note at if you think you might participate so that he knows how hard he has to ‘beat the bushes’ for presenters.

February 2017 Meeting – What I Got for Christmas

One of the speakers at the February meeting may be you! The topic is WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS. For the record, we aren’t interested in your socks, ties, or underwear. However, we would LOVE to see any new tools, jigs, or other woodworking-related items. In addition, we would like to hear what you hope to make with your new item(s). Why did you need it? Who gave it to you? etc.

And if you didn’t get any woodworking items but you decided to treat yourself to something because, after all, you clearly deserve it, we would like to hear about that, too!

Jim Bucknell has agreed to host this part of the meeting and he needs to know who will be speaking during the program. Please notify Jim prior to the meeting and let him know that you will participate, what items you will discuss, and how you have used it or hope to use it.

Please email and let him know that you will help make the February program a success. Remember, the main reason the NCWA is the most prestigious woodworking club in this quadrant of the Milky Way is because of volunteers. And now it’s your turn! As of January 24, only 9 members have volunteered to participate. Jim Bucknell is asking members to contact him via e-mail if you are willing to help make this program a success.

Please send Jim an e-mail. Thanks in advance for your help!