May 2021 Virtual Meeting – Tom McLaughlin

We have a super exciting program lined up this month featuring Tom McLaughlin of Epic Woodworking! Tom’s got a very active presence online with his popular YouTube videos on just about every woodworking subject you can think of (check ‘em out here… But NCWA is bringing him to you LIVE online this Tuesday, May 4th. Based on feedback from club members, Tom will be discussing an issue we all face… compensating for wood movement in a variety of woodworking projects.

In order for us to have ample time to enjoy our Bring and Brag, and have a chance to do our normal monthly meeting announcements, a slight change in format will occur this month…

  • At 6:00 PM, please log on to the Zoom Meeting with the Zoom link.
  • Just prior to 7:00 PM, King will instruct us to all log off Zoom, and log onto Tom’s exclusive page just for us at NCWA.

Your email invitation will contain both links.

April 2021 Virtual Meeting – Michael Dresdner

Our April presentation will be on Wipe On Finishes, Old and New, with nationally known finishing and woodworking expert, Michael Dresdner. We all strive to find that finish that’s 1) effective, 2) easy to apply, 3) doesn’t take a lot of time to apply, and 4) is easy to clean up afterward. Michael will show us several options that have proven themselves over time (and why), and he’ll also talk about some of the newer wipe on finishes that we’re seeing in the woodworking stores, and on our Bring and Brag projects! Time permitting, he’ll field questions on finishing problems that you need help with. Don’t miss it!

March 2021 Virtual Meeting – Seri Robinson

Dr. Seri Robinson is an associate professor of wood anatomy at Oregon State University and works within the field of art science as a bio artist. She is invested in maintaining a balance in her work, striving to not be ‘just’ an artist or ‘just’ a scientist, but to blur the line between the two disciplines. Neither science nor art can exist without the other, and the intersection of the two disciplines–the substantial Venn diagram overlap, is critical for excellence in either field.

Spalted woodturning is the perfect medium to explore both internal and external intersections. The intersection of science and art. Zoom in for Seri’s fabulous program. Visit her website here.

February 2021 Virtual Meeting – Dale Brotherton

Traditional Japanese Architecture

Dale Brotherton of Takumi Company will be our February featured presenter.

Takumi Company is a Design/Build firm based in Seattle, Washington that specializes in authentic Traditional Japanese Architecture, including Post and Beam construction for Homes, Additions, and Garden oriented structures such as Teahouses and Gates. Tatami rooms, Shoji, Tsuchikabe (clay wall) finishes, Tokonoma (display areas), built in Tansu (traditional wood chests), Kawara (clay roof tile) and Do-ban (traditional copper shingle) roof surfaces. These and other traditional elements along with typical modern amenities in harmony with carefully detailed hand woodworking exemplifies Takumi’s work.

For Takumi’s Website, click here.