October 2019 Meeting – Pacific Rim Tonewoods

Tuesday, October 1st at 7pm
Mount Vernon Christian School
820 W Blackburn Rd, Mt Vernon, WA 98273

Steve McMinn is the founder of Pacific Rim Tonewoods, located near Concrete. PRT is a small specialty mill that produces wooden components for stringed musical instruments. They cut spruces, maple, koa, and walnut, most of which goes to US guitar companies. They are also involved in forestry research for figured big-leaf maple and koa, and are now making forays into torrefaction and sonic testing. Employment is 35.

September 2019 Meeting – Lani Gabriel

Tuesday, September 3rd at 7pm
Mount Vernon Christian School
820 W Blackburn Rd, Mt Vernon, WA 98273

Lani Gabriel wants you to be safe in your shop! Born and raised in Port Orchard, WA, she studied environmental and occupational health sciences at the University of Washington, in Seattle, where she spent 4 years in laboratory work (research labs and an environmental lab). She has worked for Washington State Labor & Industries, for the past 6 years, as a compliance officer and now as a consultant.

Lani will talk about simple steps to safely handle a chemical product: reviewing the product label and the safety data sheet, determining what personal protective equipment (respirator, gloves, eye protection) is required, and how to make the appropriate selection (i.e. dust mask vs. organic vapor respirator, nitrile gloves vs. butyl gloves, goggles vs. glasses), and when to consider an alternative product. She will touch on all the major woodworking finish chemical categories. If there’s time, she’ll talk about other shop hazards, such as the need for hearing and eye protection.

Don’t miss this chance to ask questions and ensure you’ll be around to enjoy woodworking, with all your faculties, long into the future.

July 2019 Meeting – FastCap

Tuesday, July 2nd at 6pm
FastCap, 5016 Pacific Hwy, Ferndale, WA 98248


In July, we’re visiting FastCap just north of Bellingham, a company founded by Paul Akers, a woodworker and cabinet maker. FastCap makes innovative woodworking products that make jobs easier and save time. The company name comes from the first product he developed – small peel-and-stick adhesive covers to cover screws in cabinets. The meeting starts at 5 pm to give everyone a chance to buy something if you choose to. Paul will give us 10% off, and if you purchase at least $100 worth, you’ll be included in a drawing for the Paulk Workbench at the end of the program. After our coffee and shopping hour, Paul will give us a tour of his impressive facility. We will then have the privilege of seeing his personal presentation on the company including how lean manufacturing made FastCap a success. Paul is often asked (and paid $$$) to give this presentation to corporations around the world. Since this is a fieldtrip, Bring-and-Brag and the library will not be included this month.

For more on FastCap, check out their website at https://www.fastcap.com.

Paulk Workbench: https://www.fastcap.com/product/paulk-workbench

May 2019 Meeting – Stuart Welch

Tuesday, May 7th at 7pm
Mount Vernon Christian School
820 W Blackburn Rd, Mt Vernon, WA 98273

NCWA woodworker Stuart Welch will present “Roots of Current American Woodworking”. Several well known woodworkers of the 1950’s – 1970’s will be featured with photographs of their work. Stuart will also present some of his woodworking projects which he displayed at the Skagit County Historical Museum this past winter.