July 2014 Meeting – Field Trip

On Saturday, July 12th at 10:00 am, we will meet in the small town of Edison to see Smith and Vallee Woodworks. This will take the place of our normal Tuesday evening meeting. Wes Smith and Andrew Vallee started their successful business in 1997 after studying furniture making under Alan Rosen, a Bellingham woodworker and member of Artwood. In 2002 Andrew Vallee and Wesley Smith presented The Tree Project at the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham. The exhibition focused on the transformation of a single big leaf maple that was taken from a sustainably managed forest. For three years Smith & Vallee studied, documented, and crafted this tree into 55 pieces of furniture including a 65 foot long sculpture that replicates the original shape of the tree. During this meeting, which will also include Bring and Brag, we’ll see their shop, which includes an old converted 1890’s barn, visit their gallery, and get a chance to purchase really nice figured wood in their cut-off tent. Following the tour, members are invited to stay in Edison for lunch in one of the local establishments. For more info on Smith & Vallee, check out their website at:

2014 NCWA Exhibition

NCWA members will be exhibiting their work at the Cascade Mall in Burlington on Saturday, June 14th and Sunday, June 15th. Club members are encouraged to bring a project or two for the display. In addition, volunteers are needed to help with setup and to staff the exhibits during the show.

In the past some novice members have felt their projects have not been good enough to merit inclusion in the show compared to the work of our more accomplished members. “NCWA includes members of all skill levels,” organizer Phil Choquette said, “and we want to demonstrate that fact in all our displays at the Mall. For new members, we’ll have our brochures and short information sheets that will help answer questions and, of course, some ‘experienced’ members will be on every shift.”

For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Jerry Couchman at 360-255-1984.

June 2014 Meeting – Mixed Media Challenge

The Mixed Media Challenge is your opportunity to bring a project you’ve created that blends some other material or object into something you’ve made. This is not a contest between members, just your chance to do something wild and crazy, or shall we say show us how artistic you really are! Anything goes – glass, metal, stone, tile, fabric, old rusty junk, coins………?? And of course wood probably should be included, right? President’s challenges are always a lot of fun because we never know what to expect! See you there!

May 2014 Meeting – Bring & Brag on Steroids

On May 6th we will be back in the Hillcrest Lodge in Mt Vernon, and this month’s program will be presented by four of our own members. As usual, everyone is still encouraged to bring items for our normal Bring and Brag session, then after the break, four members will each do a special bring and brag presentation. Bill Baer, our Toys for Tots chairman, will talk about the process of building a toy logging truck and will show us the finished product. Geoff Peterson creates one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and will describe his three part wood ebonizing technique including an actual demonstration. Jim Bucknell showed his unique curved four drawer case at the April meeting, and will go into all the details on how he did it. Jerry Couchman, our program chairman, will do a presentation on how he built a 300 pound 4ft by 10ft live edge Sapele dining table for one of his clients.

April 2014 Meeting – Barbo Furniture

The Barbo furniture company has been an active business in Bellingham for most of the past 80 years. Originally started by Chris Barbo’s father and uncle, it had to close during WW II, and also briefly in 1978 when Chris’s dad decided to retire. That’s when Chris got involved. Today, Chris and his wife Holly create one of a kind pieces and repair/refinish fine furniture and antiques. They’ve even done pianos! Chris’s formal education was in music and Holly is an artist. Together, they make a great team and enjoy what they do. They plan to bring a few examples of their work and tell us more about their business. For more information on the Barbos, see their website at www.barbofurniture.com