April 2022 Virtual Meeting – Doug Stowe

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 6:00pm

Doug Stowe’s April 5th presentation will revolve around two ideas, with one being the design of work, and the other the design of life. With the release of his new book, The Wisdom of our Hands, Doug will discuss the role of the woodworker in the construction and preservation of human culture and building community. On the one hand, we may be wondering how to make a better box. On the other are underlying imperatives urging us toward making life itself better for us all and for each other.

He’ll start the presentation with examples of boxes along with an explanation of the principles and elements of design that help us to design more meaningful work. And of course, those principles and elements are rooted in deeper human forces that we will discuss in the framework, “The Wisdom of Our Hands.”

Please visit his website at DougStowe.com, and/or visit his blog wisdomofhands.blogspot.com. It covers the last 16 years of teaching and exploring the relationship we have with our hands, so in it can be found reflections on work in his own shop, working with kids at the Clear Spring School, work on various woodworking books, and teaching woodworking to adults.

He also has many videos on his YouTube Channel.