June 2021 Virtual Meeting – John Ellis

As woodworkers, we constantly encounter a wide variety of safety risks in our shops, each and every time we turn on the shop lights and get to work. John Ellis has prepared a First Aid Kit presentation that will focus on what is, in John’s opinion, the most useful contents of a shop first aid kit, and why. John will discuss some educational material about different types of common wounds any woodworker could encounter, and their proper care.

Also included at the end of the presentation will be an invitation for members to consider their personal shop needs, and either purchase ready-made-kits (with John’s recommended contents) or to restock their existing kits by ordering through John. This is designed to save us all money by avoiding costly, ready-made kits stocked with unnecessary items, and purchasing in bulk, as well as saving on shipping costs. If there is enough interest, John has generously offered to spearhead this project.

Come with questions about shop safety, or offer your own stories about shop incidents that may be useful to our members.