January 2016 Meeting – Cool Tools, Jigs, and Gadgets

As motivated woodworkers, who of you just had to have that ‘essential’ new tool, made a handy shop jig over the past year, or discovered a new woodworker’s handy gadget? Well, now is the time to take 1 to 5 minutes at January’s members meeting to show the rest of us what you spent your hard earned money on or got for Christmas.

We’ve done this kind of meeting almost every year in the past, and there are always new tools, jigs & gadgets to see – anything that you think might be useful to other woodworkers! We like to see them all. If you bring one of your jigs, please bring a few copies of the plan that you used to make it.

Remember – this is ‘participative’ – your opportunity to share your own ‘woodworking valuables’ with your other woodworking members.

If you want to ‘show & tell’, contact Richard Gillingham (206-909-6660 or ) as soon as possible to add you to the ‘presenters’ list.


I-5 to Exit 226 (Kincaid Street Exit). Go East up the hill. This is Broadway Street. Turn right on S. 13th Street and go about 6 blocks.The Hillcrest Park is on the right. Turn right into the parking lot in front of Hillcrest Lodge.

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