February 2016 Meeting – Mining the Internet for Woodworking Gold

This will be a connected-to-the-Internet presentation on how a woodworker can do searches to find valuable information – including instructional videos and information – such as on your own equipment (manuals, parts, suppliers, reviews), how-tos, suppliers, and a multitude of other invaluable information.

As part of the presentation, there will also be advice on the ‘safety’ of searches (computer viruses, and ways to avoid them).

This will be in part an open questions format, so come prepared to ask questions that you’ve been dying to get sources for answers – we’ll do live Internet searches to as many questions asked as time permits


I-5 to Exit 226 (Kincaid Street Exit). Go East up the hill. This is Broadway Street. Turn right on S. 13th Street and go about 6 blocks.The Hillcrest Park is on the right. Turn right into the parking lot in front of Hillcrest Lodge.

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