September 2013 Meeting – Garrett Hack!

Don’t miss our next meeting Saturday, 10:00am, September 14th at the Shelter Bay Community Center (see Directions below). Garrett Hack, long-time contributing editor for Fine Woodworking Magazine, will be our guest. Garrett will demonstrate how to complement hand and power tools in a process he calls WORKING SMART, in other words, how to work efficiently, make fewer mistakes and have a lot more fun! He will be demonstrating throughout his talk, answering questions and concluding with how to make scratch stocks. Garrett charges more than our normal speakers, so we will be charging $10 for admission. We have about 50 people committed so far and our limit will be 100, so please make a reservation by mailing your $10 to Doug Duehning, 150 Swinomish Dr, La Conner, WA 98257, or email . It’s important that you do this soon because we are also offering this special event to other woodworking clubs. This is a rare opportunity for us to learn from one of America’s leading woodworkers and furniture makers. IMPORTANT NOTE: NO BRING AND BRAG, OR LIBRARY EXCHANGE, BUT THERE WILL BE SIGN UP LISTS FOR THE INITIAL CLASSES IN OUR 2013-2014 EDUCATION PROGRAM. Garrett’s website is


There won’t be room for everyone to make a scratch stock with Garrett, but if you want to participate, you’ll need to bring materials and tools. MATERIALS: Garrett recommends old Woodmiser bandsaw blades, old handsaw blades, scraper-type material — all spring temper hardness and fileable. HEAVY shears to cut it would be great but we can cut it other ways. Small wood blocks to hold cutters (1″ x 1″ by 3″ roughly). TOOLS: flat mill file to flatten, round chain saw files to shape bead profile, any diameters, or other shaped files. Sharpening stones (1000 grit, 6000 grit, any type) to hone profile. Garrett has some slip stones that work for the beads. We will need a backsaw that makes a kerf slightly smaller than the blades. This is tricky. Usually a carcase or tenon saw, or cheaper backsaw (with a slightly larger kerf). Saw depends on material we use to make blades. Wooden handscrews or other clamps to hold steel and places to work. Wooden handscrews work very well as vises.


Shelter Bay Community Center, 1000 Shoshone Dr, La Conner, WA 98257

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