Veneering Fundamentals—Patterning, Cutting and Seaming

9:30am - 12:30pm
George Knutson
Jim Gleeson's shop (5209 Maritime Ct, Anacortes 98221)

In this workshop, we’ll briefly discuss the veneer, substrate, glue, and pressing method that we’ll be using for this project. Then we’ll move on to methods of jointing, or seam cutting, and taping. Now that we have the processes down, we’ll look at various pattern options and how to lay them out and cut them. Bookmatch, four-way matching, diamond, and slip matching will be explored. Next, we’ll look at edge banding options, and then get started. At the end, you’ll have at least one veneered panel to incorporate into a future project as a lid for a box (maybe one that you build in Jerry Couchman’s box making class?), a panel for a framed door, a background for a clock face, or anything else you can dream up.

WHAT INSTRUCTOR PROVIDES: All tools, supplies, and veneers to create a patterned veneer panel for you to use on a future project. Time permitting, you may leave with two panels glued up.

WHAT PARTICIPANT NEEDS TO BRING: A stool or chair, pencil and paper, and some creativity.

NOTE: This workshop will definitely be hands on.