Exploring Wood Carving

9:00am - 12:00pm
Bill Pierce
Bill Pierce's Shop (32324 SR 9 NE, Arlington)

This class will help you explore your interest in wood carving. It’s a hands-on class where you will create your own carving in one of a few selected styles without a Significant investment in carving tools.

Along the way, you’ll learn some basic principles of carving to help get you started. In creating your carving, you will learn to transfer a pattern and why sharp tools are important. We will discuss grain and how to carve with it. Then you will learn to set-in and carve out your pattern and finish it with wax.

YOU BRING: Students should bring a sharp knife they wish to carve with and a board 6” wide, 6” long and at least 3/8” thick with clear, straight grain running along one of the 6” dimensions. Easily carved woods like basswood, alaskan yellow cedar, sugar pine or alder are suggested.