Ebonizing Wood

10am - 12pm
Geoff Peterson
2 Partridge Circle, Sudden Valley

The class will be a hands on workshop to create ebonized wood. Each participant will be given a piece of wood to ebonize. We will start the process in the class and it will be finished in your own shop.

During the class we will discuss how creating appealing furniture requires the use of form, color, grain and texture to create a cohesive design. Traditionally furniture was made from a single wood. It was a single color. The uniqueness of a piece like this could only be created by the size (thickness, length, width) of each piece and how the pieces were assembled. Certainly there were some master pieces created with this limited palette but it is difficult. Like creating a great picture of the sunset in black and white.

You will learn about expanding the palette to include multiple colors of wood, different grains, texture, straight lines, curved lines and non-traditional forms makes it easier to create a beautiful unique piece. Texture can be incorporated with live edges or carved edges or just an irregular edge.

We’ll discuss why I seldom stain or paint wood – because it obscures the grain and dulls the natural organic beauty of the wood. One exception is ebonizing wood. The process I use doesn’t hide the grain or look painted.

The main subject of the workshop is ebonizing wood. But a general discussion of furniture design is welcomed.

Approximate class time is 2.0 hours.

Your instructor will provide all the materials needed (both in my shop and sample solutions to take home for completing the process).