August 2022 Virtual Meeting – Tom McLaughlin

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022 at 6:00pm

Join us as we welcome back Tom McLaughlin from Epic Woodworking. Tom is an amazing craftsman and a prolific educator through his popular livestream shows on YouTube.

Tom’s presentation is titled “My top five woodworking jigs.” The presentation will cover the five jigs he has found to be the most useful in the shop. For each of these jigs he will be showing their primary features, demonstrating their use, and talking about tips on how you make them for yourself.

Beginning with a rare three-year apprenticeship alongside master craftsman P.A. “Pug” Moore in North Carolina, Tom has enjoyed designing and making commission and custom furniture full-time since 1990. His designs have received recognition and numerous awards during his twenty-year membership with the prestigious New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association. Since 2001 Tom has also been teaching furniture making from his shop in Canterbury New Hampshire, and currently online through his website He was featured as the host of PBS “Classic Woodworking”, and has become a regular contributor to Fine Woodworking magazine. He connects more directly to the woodworking community through his Epic Woodworking YouTube channel and weekly Thursday night livestream shows.