October 2021 Virtual Meeting – David Fisher

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 at 6:00pm

David Fisher is fascinated with the flow of the line, the sensation of texture, and the play of light and shadow. His designs are guided by those elements, as well as the unique nature of each piece of tree.

Green woodworking can imply more than just the general notion of working with wood that is relatively fresh with a high moisture content. The term connotes the idea of working with nature, sensitively considering the unique attributes of each bit of tree, including them flow of the fibers. The carver adapts to what nature has provided. This can be a serendipitous journey between the hands and material as the destination is gradually revealed.

Dave will present examples of his work and working methods. And he’ll explain his approach to design and how we can take inspiration from nature to imbue our pieces with a sense of movement and life. He will encourage the same sense of playfulness he had as a boy looking for sticks.

For more on David’s woodworking philosophy, this short video is highly recommended.