October 2020 Virtual Meeting – Two-Fer

Continuing on with our monthly Zoom meetings, this Tuesday, October 6th, at 7 PM, we are happy to present a “Two-Fer”. Please join in as Charley Drake and Greg Robinson showcase two extraordinary tools that very few of us are fortunate enough to have in our shops.

Charley will demonstrate his Belgium-made, Robland X-31 multi-purpose machine he has in his shop. If you’ve attended previous shop tours, or have visited Charley’s shop (yeah, the one with the glass roll-up doors and incredible view!), you’ve probably seen and been intrigued at the potential capabilities of this tool. Charley will demonstrate this machine focusing on the jointer/planer/horizontal mortising features.

Next up, Greg Robinson will provide examples of projects that were designed on a computer and, with the aid of CNC technology, brought into the real world. Included will be a short video demonstrating the accuracy of a well-tuned CNC router.

Woodworking, like just about everything in life, is constantly evolving. For the woodworker, technology and tool advancements can have a place in the shop, just as traditional hand tools do. This promises to be an enlightening presentation, and our thanks to Charley and Greg for their willingness to share these tools with us.