December 2018 Meeting – George Knutson

Tuesday, December 4th at 7pm

A Look Back to the Future!

2019 President, George Knutson, brings us a slideshow of some of the highlights from 2018, and some of the plans being worked on to make 2019 even bigger and better. Shows and Events, Shop Tours, Annual Picnic, more great Classes and Workshops, and a BIG new venue with lots of new possibilities. There’ll be several awards presented, and he’ll also update us on our progress with the Strategic Plan developed earlier this year.

This is your chance to provide your input on what you want to see more of, and less of, in 2019. If you want to bring ideas written on a piece of paper rather than standing up at the meeting, no problem. We’ll have a suggestion box at the meeting, in the back of the room. We’re interested in knowing what you think we should “keep doing” as well as what we should “start doing”. It’s YOUR club. Speak up and let us know your opinions, and let’s figure out how we can make it happen for ALL OF US in 2019!