February 2017 Meeting – What I Got for Christmas

One of the speakers at the February meeting may be you! The topic is WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS. For the record, we aren’t interested in your socks, ties, or underwear. However, we would LOVE to see any new tools, jigs, or other woodworking-related items. In addition, we would like to hear what you hope to make with your new item(s). Why did you need it? Who gave it to you? etc.

And if you didn’t get any woodworking items but you decided to treat yourself to something because, after all, you clearly deserve it, we would like to hear about that, too!

Jim Bucknell has agreed to host this part of the meeting and he needs to know who will be speaking during the program. Please notify Jim prior to the meeting and let him know that you will participate, what items you will discuss, and how you have used it or hope to use it.

Please email and let him know that you will help make the February program a success. Remember, the main reason the NCWA is the most prestigious woodworking club in this quadrant of the Milky Way is because of volunteers. And now it’s your turn! As of January 24, only 9 members have volunteered to participate. Jim Bucknell is asking members to contact him via e-mail if you are willing to help make this program a success.

Please send Jim an e-mail. Thanks in advance for your help!