June 2016 Meeting – Live Edge Panels by Jerry Couchman

The June program presented by member Jerry Couchman will show how to laminate thin live-edge material on background panels to create interesting contrast and depth to the final panel. Jerry has used this technique for several years as a design element on some of his boxes and small cabinets. It combines several woodworking skills and requires both power and hand tools to complete. With the right shape of the live-edge you can create mountain scenes and whimsical book-matched patterns. During some of his box classes, Jerry was often asked to someday teach a special class on this subject. This presentation will include pictures of the process and actual demonstration of some of the steps involved.


I-5 to Exit 226 (Kincaid Street Exit). Go East up the hill. This is Broadway Street. Turn right on S. 13th Street and go about 6 blocks.The Hillcrest Park is on the right. Turn right into the parking lot in front of Hillcrest Lodge.

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