July 2015 Meeting – Contrasting Woods

Bring your best work using contrasting woods to our July 7th meeting at the Hillcrest Lodge. This meeting will focus on member projects that use contrasting woods to enhance the piece. It could be a nice box or anything you have built that you would like to bring that demonstrates contrast. Contrast is a design element that can be subtle or bold. Remember, this is not a competition, just a fun bring and brag session with a theme. Take Garrett Hack’s advice: “Using different woods, grain and color to add contrast is a great way to make your furniture stand out from the crowd. The trick is to do it effectively, understanding what type of contrast to use and where to use it. Overdo it and the effect will be garish; do it right, and you will take your work to another level.”


I-5 to Exit 226 (Kincaid Street Exit). Go East up the hill. This is Broadway Street. Turn right on S. 13th Street and go about 6 blocks.The Hillcrest Park is on the right. Turn right into the parking lot in front of Hillcrest Lodge.

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