April 2013 Meeting – Greg Aånes’s Shop

On April 2nd we return to Greg Aånes’s shop in Bellingham, whom we visited four years ago. Greg has been making furniture commercially in the Northwest since 1981. He’s mostly self-taught, and has developed a style that blends work similar to Thomas Moser, Sam Maloof and James Krenov. He has about four employees and uses specialized jigs and machines to make the business profitable (although, he is the first to acknowledge that this economy has made that very difficult.) His showroom is packed with excellent examples of his work. He has specialized in chairs, rockers and bar stools, but has recently added many other furniture items and also does custom work. Seating in Greg’s shop is limited, so you might want to bring a chair. Greg’s website is gregaanesfurniture.com.


2109 Queen Street, Bellingham WA 98229

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