Arlington Hardware & Lumber

Arlington Hardware & Lumber is now a member of our Vendor Support Group. They will give our members a 10% discount on lumber products. They carry an inventory of basic hardwoods but have a well stocked lumber yard. They also asked that we notify our members that the store has two specials every month for all customers. They offer 20% off to all customers on all hardware items on the first Saturday of each month. There are some limited exceptions, so be sure to ask if the “1st Saturday discount” applies to the item you want to buy. Additionally, on the first Wednesday of each month there is a similar 20% discount on hardware items for “seniors” (over 59). (Seniors get the special 20% discount twice a month.) Lumber is not included in these two specials.

Arlington Hardware & Lumber is located at 215 N. Olympic Avenue in Arlington. The phone is 360-435-5523. Email address is Be sure to show your membership card!