Library books and videos may be checked out by NCWA members. A selection of the library holdings will be brought to the monthly meetings. Members can check out items by filling out the sign out / in book at the meeting. The check out period is for one month. Members can renew a borrowed item as long as other members are not waiting for that item.

The club’s annual budget provides a modest amount to add new materials to the library. If you have a suggestion for an addition to the library, or if you wish to reserve a book / DVD, please contact our librarian . Other suggestions regarding the library are also welcome. Our goal is to provide a resource that is widely used and easily accessible by NCWA members.

Members checked out 92 items in 2010, 104 items in 2011, 181 items in 2012, 193 items in 2013, 186 items in 2014, 235 items in 2015, and 296 items in 2016.

Project Plans

1 Loft Bed Plans Hart Design
2 Bunk Bed Plans Hart Design
3 Super Easy Shop Cabinets Classic Shop Plans
4 Country Cradle U-Bild
5 All-Purpose Kitchen Cabinet Classic Shop Plans
6 Folding Table & Chair Classic Shop Plans
7 Lighthouse Hart Design
8 Holiday Tree Hart Design
9 Multi-Vise Workbench American Woodworker
10 Holiday Tree Centerpiece Hart Design
11 Duncan Phyfe’s Tool Chest Carlyle Lynch
12 Linen Press Carlyle Lynch
13 Six-Board Chest Carlyle Lynch
14 Woodcarver’s Bench Carlyle Lynch


100 Hand-Tools

101 Handscrapers Christopher Schwarz
102 Coarse, Medium Fine Christopher Schwarz
103 Handplane Basics Christopher Schwarz
104 Building Furniture with Handplanes Christopher Schwarz
105 Sawing Fundamentals Christopher Schwarz
106 Drawknives, Spokeshaves and Travishers Brian Boggs
107 Fundamentals of Inlay: Stringing, Line and Berry Steve Latta
108 Rough to Ready Rob Cosman
109 Hand Planing & Sharpening Rob Cosman
110 Build a Sawbench Chris Schwarz
111 Mastering Hand Tools Chris Schwarz
112 Super-Tune a Handplane Chris Schwarz
113 Carving Techniques and Projects Bush/Headley
114 Advanced Hand-Cut Dovetails Rob Cosman
115 Making Mortise and Tenon Joints Frank Klausz
116 Handtools Frank Klausz
117 Handplanes in the Woodshop Mario Rodriquez
118 Choosing, Refurbishing and Using Moulding Planes Bill Anderson
119 Supertune Your Backsaw Matt Cianci
120 Using the Versatile Chisel Jeff Miller

200 Power Tools

201 Introduction to Woodworking Machines Craig Ruegsegger
202 Router Joinery Gary Rogowski
203 The Versatile Router Pat Warner
204 Router Jigs and Techniques Bernie Maas
205 Mastering Your Table Saw Kelly Mehler
206 Mastering Woodworking Machines Mark Duginske
207 The Magic of Routers Charles Neil

300 General Woodworking and Woodturning

301 Dovetail a Drawer Franz Klausz
302 Finishing Made Simple Jim Heavy
303 Hand Applied Finishes Jeff Jewitt
304 Make Simple Face-Frame Cabinets Kevin Boyle
305 Doors and Drawers Made Easy Jeff Mertz
306 Building Drawers Andy Rae
307 Pick and Prep Lumber for Better Projects Jeff Mertz
308 Guide to Perfect Glue-ups Jim Heavy
309 9 Essential Woodworking Joints Craig Ruegsegger
310 12 Great Tablesaw Jigs Jim Heavy
311 Woodworking Secrets: Tips and Techniques Jim Heavy
312 Complete Guide to Getting Started in Woodworking Wood Magazine
313 Turning for Furniture Ernie Conover
314 Essential Woodworking Techniques Woodworkers Guild
315 Fine Woodworking Video Tips Fine Woodworking
317 Making Jigs and Fixtures Fine Wooworking
318 Making a Handcrafted Bamboo Fly Rod Lyle Hand
319 Wood Finishing Michael Dresdner
320 Popular Woodworking 2007 Archives Popular Woodworking
321 Wood Finishing Frank Klausz
322 Archives 2000-2007 Popular Woodworking
323 Great Shop Tips – ┬áVol 5 Woodworker’s Journal
324 The New Turning Wood Richard Raffan
325 Building Doors Andy Rae
326 Monster Workbench Matt Kenney
327 Basic Cabinetmaking with Pocket Screws Mark Duginske
328 Sketch Up Guide for Woodworkers Dave Richard
329 Pattern Making and Cutting Charles Neil
330 Doors and Drawers Charles Neil
331 Finishing A to Z Charles Neil
332 Six Board Chest Christopher Schwarz
333 Woodsmith Shop TV Season 1 Woodsmith
334 Woodsmith Shop TV Season 2 Woodsmith
335 Woodsmith Shop TV Season 3 Woodsmith
336 Woodsmith Shop TV Season 4 Woodsmith
337 Woodsmith Shop TV Season 5 Woodsmith
338 Woodsmith Shop TV Season 6 Woodsmith
339 Woodsmith Shop TV Season 7 Woodsmith
340 Woodsmith Shop TV Season 8 Woodsmith
341 The Advanced Art of Veneering Jonathan Benson
342 Marquetry, Veneer and Inlay for Furniture Makers Rob Millard
343 Build A Joiner’s Workbench Alan Turner
344 Build a Greene & Greene Rafter Tail Table Darrell Peart
345 Outdoor Morris Chair David Thiel
346 Chip Carving Wayne Barton
347 Woodcarving Basics Taunton Press
348 10 Essential Furniture Repairs Joshua Klein
349 200 Woodworking Video Tips & Techniques Woodsmith
350 Fine Woodworking Magazine Archive 1975-2013 Fine Woodworking
351 Woodsmith Magazine Archive Woodsmith
352 ShopNotes Magazine Archive Woodsmith
353 French Polishing for Guitarmakers Ronald Fernandez
354 Classical & Flamenco Guitarmaking Ronald Fernandez


400 Box Making

401 Box-Making Basics David M. Freedman
Creating Beautiful Boxes w/ Inlay Techniques Doug Stowe
Making Small Wooden Boxes James Jacobson
402 Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Box Making Doug Stowe
403 Traditional Box Projects Strother Purdy
404 Wooden Boxes Dennis Zongker
405 Beautiful Boxes Doug Stowe
406 400 Wood Boxes Lark Books
407 Box Builder’s Handbook A.J. Hamler
408 The New Bandsaw Box Book Brian Picciuto
409 Beautiful Boxes with Your Bandsaw Lois Ventura
410 The Ultimate Bandsaw Box Book Donna Menke
411 Tiny Boxes Doug Stowe
412 Box by Box Jim Stack

425 Cabinetry

427 Building Doors & Drawers Andy Rae
428 Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Jim Tolpin
430 Designing and Building Cabinets Fine Woodworking
431 Furniture and Cabinet Construction Andy Rae
The Impractical Cabinetmaker James Krenov
432 Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple Gregory Paolini
433 Shelves, Cabinets and Bookcases Taunton Press
435 Building Small Cabinets Doug Stowe

475 Carving & Sculpting

477 How to Carve Wood Richard Butz
478 Power Carving Manual: Tools, Techniques and 16 Projects Woodcarving Illustrated
479 The Complete Book of Woodcarving Everett Ellenwood
480 Woodcarver’s Guide to Sharpening, Tools and Setting Up Shop Woodcarving Illustrated
481 Complete Guide to Chip Carving Wayne Barton
482 Basic Chip Carving Pam Gresham
483 Chip Carving Woodcarving Illustrated
484 Chip Carver’s Workbook Dennis Moor
485 Starter Guide to Whittling Woodcarving Illustrated
486 Woodworker’s Guide to Carving John Kelsey
487 Whittling Handbook Peter Benson
488 Carving Nature Frank Fox-Wilson
489 Wood Carving Basics David Sabol
490 The Artful Wooden Spoon Joshua Vogel

500 Finishing

501 More Finishes and Finishing Technique Fine Woodworking
502 Spray Finishing Made Simple Jeff Jewitt
504 Understanding Wood Finishing Bob Flexner
505 Great Wood Finishes Jeff Jewitt
506 Refinishing Furniture Made Simple Jeff Jewitt
507 Complete Guide to Wood Finishes Mick Allen

525 Furniture

527 Chairmaking and Design Jeff Miller
528 The Furniture of Gustav Stickley Bavaro & Mossman
529 Greene and Greene Design Elements Darrell Peart
530 Made by Hand – Furniture Projects Tom Fidgen
531 Measured Shop Drawings Thomas Moser
532 Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture Robert W Lang
533 Tables Anthony Guidice
536 In the Greene & Greene Style Darrell Peart
537 Furniture Studio Jeffery Oschsner
538 Campaign Furniture Christopher Schwarz
539 Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects Gregory Paolini
540 Treasure Chests Lon Schleining
541 With Wakened Hands James Krenov
542 The Furniture Bible Christophe Pourny

575 Jigs & Fixtures

576 Ingenious Jigs & Shop Accessories Woodworker’s Library
577 The Jigs & Fixtures Bible R.J. Decristoforo
578 Making Jigs & Fixtures Nick Engler
579 Woodshop Jigs & Fixtures Sandor Nagyszalanczy
580 Home Workshop Jigs and Fixtures Jim Harrold
581 The Homemade Workshop James Hamilton


Joinery, Shaping & Milling Fine Woodworking
Woodwork Joints Charles Hayward
Woodworking Techniques R. J. DeCristoforo

625 Kids & Toys

626 Builder Boards Jack McKee
628 Making Toys that Teach Les Neufeld
629 Woodshop for Kids Jack McKee

650 Scroll Sawing

651 Scroll Saw Basics Patrick Spielman
654 Simply Wood (scroll saw projects) Roshan Ganief
655 Scroll Saw Workbook John Nelson

675 Sharpening

675 The Complete Guide to Sharpening Leonard Lee
676 How to Sharpen Every Blade in Your Workshop Don Geary
677 The Perfect Edge – The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening Ron Hock
678 Woodworker’s Guide to Sharpening John English

700 Shop Related

701 Building Workshop Workstations Danny Proulx
702 Dust Control Made Simple Sandor Nagyszalanczy
The Home Workshop Planner Wood Magazine
705 Setting Up Shop (Copy 1) Sandor Nagyszalanczy
706 Setting Up Shop (Copy 2) Sandor Nagyszalanczy
707 Shop Improvements Fine Woodworking
708 Shop Tips Rodale
709 The Small Wood Shop Fine Woodworking
710 Smart Workshop Solutions Paul Anthony
711 Small Woodworking Shops Fine Woodworking
712 The Workbench Book Scott Landis
713 The Workshop Book Scott Landis
714 Woodshop Dust Control Sandor Nagyszalanczy
716 Workshop Idea Book Andy Rae
717 The Workbench Design Book Chris Schwarz
718 Best Workshops Fine Woodworking
719 Ultimate Workshop Solutions Popular Woodworking
720 Toolboxes & Workbenches Danny Proulx
721 Home Workshop Setup Jim Harrold
722 Home Workshop Storage Jim Harrold
723 Workshop Dust Control American Woodworker
724 Great Book of Woodworking Tips American Woodworker

750 Tools: Hand

751 Bench Tools Fine Woodworking
752 Chisel, Mallet, Plane and Saw Tony Konovaloff
753 Choosing and Using Hand Tools Andy Rae
754 Fifty Years a Planemaker & User Cecil Pierce
755 Hand Tools: Their Ways & Workings Aldren Watson
756 Making and Mastering Wood Planes Davic Finck
757 The New Traditional Woodworker (Copy 1) Jim Tolpin
764 Handsaw Essentials Christopher Schwarz
765 Handplane Essentials Christopher Schwarz
766 The Unplugged Woodshop Tom Fidgen
767 The Handplane Book Garrett Hack

800 Tools: Power

Band Saw Handbook Mark Duginske
Biscuit Joiner Handbook Hugh Foster
801 Care and Repair of Shop Machines John White
802 The New Complete Guide to the Band Saw Mark Duginske
805 Router Joinery Workshop Carol Reed
809 Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Routers Lonnie Bird
810 Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Tablesaws Paul Anthony
811 Power Tool Joinery Bill Hylton
812 Ultimate Guide to the Router Table Bill Hylton

850 Turning

853 Learn To Turn Barry Gross
856 Turning Projects Richard Raffan
860 Woodturning Wizardry David Springett
861 The Frugal Woodturner Ernie Conover
862 Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning Clarence Green
863 Turning Techniques and Projects Fine Woodworking
864 Segmented Bowls for the Beginning Turner Don Jovag
865 The Art of Turned Bowls Richard Raffan
866 Contemporary Woodturning Nick Arnul
867 Turning Hollow Forms Mark Sanger
868 Woodturning Magic David Springett
869 All New Turning Projects Richard Raffan
870 Pen Turner’s Workbook Barry Gross
871 Getting Started in Woodturning AAW
872 Woodturning Projects & Techniques Alan Lacer
873 Turning Toys Richard Raffan
874 The Pen Turner’s Bible Richard Kleinhenz

900 Wood Characteristics

901 Harvesting Urban Timber Sam Sherrill
903 Reading the Wood Michael Elkan
906 Wood (Best of Fine Woodworking) Editor’s Collection
907 Wood Identification and Use Terry Porter
908 Wood Eric Meier

925 General Woodworking

926 The Art of Inlay Larry Robinson
929 Building a Shed Joseph Truini
930 Building Doors and Gates Alan and Gill Bridgewater
932 Design Book 7 Fine Woodworking
933 Doormaking: A Do-It-Yourself Guide John Birchard
934 Fine Woodworking Best Tips Fine Woodworking
935 Getting Started in Woodworking Aime Ontario Fraser
936 The Joint Book Terrie Noll
937 Making Working Wooden Locks Tim Detweiler
938 Measure Twice, Cut Once Norm Abram
941 Shaping Wood Lonnie Bird
942 Vacuum Pressing Made Simple Darryl Keil
943 Veneering and Inlay Jonathan Benson
945 Woodbending Made Simple Lon Schleining
946 Woodworkers Guide to Bending Wood Jonathan Benson
948 Woodworking 101 Aime Ontario Fraser
949 Woodworking Techniques Woodworker’s Journal
951 Worker in Wood James Krenov
952 Working with Wood Andy Rae
953 The Fine Art of Marquetry Craig Vandall Stevens
954 How To Make Picture Frames American Woodworker
955 Measure Twice Cut Once Jim Tolpin
956 Pocket Hole Joinery Mark Edmundson
957 Civil War Woodworking Vol. 1 A.J. Hamler
958 Civil War Woodworking Vol. 2 A.J. Hamler
959 Decorative Wood Inlay Zachary Taylor
960 Design Book 5 Fine Woodworking
961 Making Screw Threads in Wood Fred Holder
962 The Toolbox Book Jim Tolpin
963 Design Book 4 Fine Woodworking
964 Make Your Own Cutting Boards David Picciuto
965 Great Book of Woodburning Lora Irish
966 Big Book of Pyrography Projects Pyrography Magazine