This list is based on our activities of the past several years and is designed to both spread the load and to get everyone involved. The “minimum” members for each committee include the chairperson. More people than the “minimum” can certainly be on a committee. The more the merrier!

Education, minimum 4 members:
Education is the hallmark of NCWA. That, plus companionship, is the reason we are who we are. This Committee is responsible for the continued design, implementation, and monitoring of specific education programs. The program will of necessity be coordinated with the monthly program.

Tours & Exchange Meetings, minimum 3 members:
Each year we have several tours, usually one to Vancouver to the Lee Valley store or a woodworking show in the Vancouver area, one to Seattle to the annual woodworker’s show, and a resources trip to Seattle. This committee is responsible for the organisation of these events.

Library, minimum 3 members:
This committee is responsible for maintaining the library, checking items out (and making sure they get back!), making sure the members are aware of the materials available, and seeking additions via donations.

Membership, minimum 4 members:
This committee is responsible for maintaining community awareness of our association, including developing and maintaining such tools as the brochure stands. It is also responsible for member relations and membership cards. The Treasurer will continue to maintain the official membership list.

Newsletter, minimum 3 members:
This committee is responsible for writing newsletter articles and for soliciting articles from the general membership, as well as composing and distributing the monthly newsletter. Members are encouraged to submit articles about woodworking techniques, shop tips, woodworking events, etc.

Monthly Program, minimum 5 members:
This is a biggie, folks. We rise and fall on this one. Members are asked to submit suggestions for speakers and subjects they would like to see at the monthly meetings.

Public Shows, minimum 2 members:
This committee is responsible for all the arrangements for the public shows in which we participate. In the past such shows have included Arts Alive! in La Conner, Wood Fest in Sedro Woolley, and an NCWA exhibition at the Cascade Mall in Burlington.

Toys For Tots, minimum 4 members:
This committee is responsible for coordinating the various toy-building projects as well as any building projects that would be helpful in the display of our talents at the various shows. Examples would be a rack to display birdhouses and feeders, display tables, etc.

Vendor Relations, minimum 1 member:
This committee is responsible for maintaining the list of vendors that offer discounts to NCWA members, and for recruiting new vendors to the discount program.

Website, minimum 1 member:
At present this is a one-person job, but member suggestions are always welcome.